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My Message-'Suhag Sir'

Dear Parents,

We at 'Teko Classes' are committed to provide our students best quality education with ethics. Moving in this direction, we have decided that unlike other expensive and 5star facility type institutes who are huge investors and advertisers, we shall not invest huge amount of money in advertisements. It shall rather be invested on the betterment, enhancement of quality and resources at our center.

We are just looking forward to have 'word-of-mouth' publicity instead. Because, there is only a satisfied student and his/her parents can judge an institute's quality and it's faculty members coaching.

Those coaching institutes, who are investing highly on advertisements are actually, wasting their money on it, in a sense. Rather, the money should be invested on highly experienced faculty members and on teaching gears.

We all at 'Teko' are taking this initiative to improve the quality of education along-with each student's development and growth.

Committed to excellence...

Truely yours,

Suhag R. Kariya




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Special Batches


Special Crash Course batch for IIT-JEE 2012 from 24th March, 2012.

Normal crash course for AIEEE 2012 from 29th March,2012

Daily 3Hrs. classes to know 'Short tricks' and analysis (approach) on Mathemetics questions



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